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About Us

Technology is forcing everyone to rethink how they interact with customers.
We embrace that change.

Quality Over Quantity

Our mission hasn’t changed since day one: Do great work, put customers first, and work diligently to foster strong, lasting relationships. 

Websites and applications aren't mass produced items. Each project we undertake is carefully planned out and customized to meet a client's needs. We're less concerned with having a high volume of projects and more concerned with consistently producing high-quality, compelling work that accomplishes client objectives. Because of this, we've not only earned a reputation for being a client-centric company, but trusted industry experts as well.  

Our Ethos

We encourage collaboration, professional development and creative thinking. Over the years, we’ve discovered that these values help to create a positive and productive environment. Our company philosophy is pretty simple:

  • Check the egos at the door
  • There is no “I” In team
  • Be a digital ambassador
  • Listen more than talk
  • Don’t fear change
  • Support the community
  • Never stop learning
  • Deliver Excellence

Agile Teams

You may have noticed that the more people you have involved in a project, the longer a project takes. We include only a few key members on each project so it's more efficient, organized, and so fresh and so clean (clean).

Brian Amick
Creative Director
Jay Richardson
Lead Developer
Katie Fish
Content Strategist
Jeff McCullor
Account Manager
Bobby Snow
Application Developer
Security Director