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Developing your 2022 Website Maintenance Plan

Monday Nov 15th, 2021

Having a website Maintenance Plan is insurance for when the unexpected happens. 

The internet doesn’t give your customers a second chance. If your site is down, slow, or unable to deliver the information they are looking for, there are plenty more options available. 

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PersonDDoingTaxes v2

ADA Compliance Tax Credit: Here’s What Small Businesses Should Know

Friday Oct 29th, 2021

Werkbot takes you through the current ADA landscape, provides information about the tax credit, and explains how it can benefit your business.

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Your Go-To ADA Website Compliance Checklist

Wednesday Sep 29th, 2021

Werkbot created this user-friendly checklist for those interested in beginning the process of making their website more ADA compliant.

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E-Commerce is Unstoppable: Here's Where It's Going

Thursday Aug 5th, 2021

Werkbot defines the six types of e-commerce, the future of online shopping, and what steps you can take to compete against online goliaths such as Amazon (or even join them).

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remote post 2

Company Culture for Remote Teams

Friday Jul 30th, 2021

There are lots of tools and workflows that a company can use to facilitate remote work. There are plenty of options for asynchronous chat applications, video conferencing, and time tracking solutions.

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Search for Pizza in Pittsburgh

Let’s Talk About Local SEO

Monday Jun 28th, 2021

When it comes to search ranking, not every marketing initiative is meant to position businesses at the top of national search results. Sometimes it’s about competing on a local level.

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search robot

Google Page Experience

Wednesday May 26th, 2021

Google’s algorithms are an extensive system used to retrieve data from its index and deliver the most relevant results for a query. Over the years, Google has made thousands of updates to its algorithms, most small, but also some notable changes once or so per year.

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blog 04 21

Current marketing trends

Thursday Apr 22nd, 2021

Although last year was one we’d rather forget, this year we are expecting an uptick for most businesses. Many of our new leads and current client requests have similar fundamentals.

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blog manufacture roi

Manufacturing Marketing and ROI

Wednesday Mar 31st, 2021

Digital marketing for manufacturers hasn't changed a ton over the past few years, but it's possible that you are neglecting some of the important aspects that can help you increase your bottom line. Has the phone started ringing less than it used to? Are the forms on your website not getting filled out as regularly as you’d like? Are the quality of the leads you’re getting not up to par?

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werkbot DnD

How D&D helps us communicate better with clients

Monday Feb 15th, 2021

In D&D using “common,” you are able to communicate many scenarios between the different races of characters. At Werkbot, we use this type of language to translate the increticies of development, and code base, or project management to that of a person unfamiliar with that world.

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blog marketing stack

Developing Your Marketing Stack

Friday Nov 20th, 2020

Marketing is essential for building your brand, but it can take a lot of time. How do you effectively grow your business while also operating it? Brian Amick, creative director at Werkbot Studios, believes that using a “marketing stack” can help you visualize marketing strategy, better understand tools, and pick the best tools to help you fill your pipeline.

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Were Safely Open

Invest In Marketing During a Down Economy To Thrive

Tuesday Sep 29th, 2020

To help you choose the right strategy for your business or organization, Werkbot explores the current economic landscape of the United States, how businesses have survived previous recessions, and why cutting costs on marketing could ultimately do more harm than good.

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content brand v2

Content Strategy: Leveraging Content for Growth

Friday Feb 28th, 2020

If you’re curious about content strategy, why it’s essential to your brand, and where you can turn if you need a helping hand, then this piece is worth a read.

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Original Photography Outshines Stock Photos

Saturday Feb 1st, 2020

Stock photography can be the white rice of website design. Yes, it fills the void and is often inexpensive, but it severely lacks in flavor.

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Email Newsletters

Why Your Marketing Strategy Should Include Email Newsletters

Wednesday Jan 15th, 2020

Find out why digital newsletters are such a smart choice by learning about the prevalence of email, the measurability of this medium, and why it’s critical in a mobile-first world.

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blog 10 year

Werkbot, A Decade in Downtown Erie

Tuesday Dec 3rd, 2019

In 2019, Werkbot packed its humble office in Frontier, a place we had called home for our first five years, and transplanted ourselves in the historic Renaissance Centre in the heart of downtown Erie, PA. Learn more about our journey.

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blog luke google ads

The Fundamentals of Google Ads: What it is, How it’s Used, Who Should Use It

Tuesday Oct 29th, 2019

We’re not here to pitch you on Google Ads, but rather to explain what it is. Google Ads is a paid advertising platform.

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G Mail Confidential Mode

Gmail Confidential Mode Now Operable for G Suite

Monday Oct 28th, 2019

After launching a beta version of the Confidential Mode for G Suite earlier this year, Google recently announced its official release.

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Data Kills

Is Data Killing Creativity?

Thursday Oct 17th, 2019

To get a better idea of how marketers should use data, we’re digging into the dos and don’ts of data-centric strategies, why they’re so valuable, and how you can use them to strengthen your creative campaigns.

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Invest in Digital Marketing

Why You Should Invest in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Saturday Oct 5th, 2019

Laure was one of Werkbot’s 2019 summer interns! Originally from Lille, France, she attended Gannon University through the exchange program. Profitez du blog!

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out of focus

Website Accessibility Lawsuits Are Skyrocketing.

Wednesday Sep 4th, 2019

Between 2017 and 2018, the Federal Court experienced a 177% increase in accessibility-related lawsuits. To help you determine if your site is at risk of litigation, we’re reviewing what ADA compliance is, where organizations go wrong, and how these errors can be avoided.

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How to Write a Career Page to Find Talent

How to Craft a Talent-Attracting Careers Page

Wednesday Aug 14th, 2019

Nearly one in three senior leaders cite finding talent as their most significant managerial challenge. For that reason, we thought it helpful to break down the components of a talent-attracting careers page.

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MATCH your marketing blog post

Match Your Marketing with the Stage of Your Business

Tuesday May 21st, 2019

Digital marketing has to grow and adapt with your business. It’s a business reality that both startups and established companies need to keep in mind.

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Wearing Too Many Hats compressor v3

The Problem with Wearing Too Many Hats

Friday Apr 5th, 2019

Put a feather in your cap by partnering with an agency that can align with your organization's goals. Learn about Interactive Hat.

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blog laura bell

Q & A Laura Bell: Ringing in Fresh Look at Creative

Wednesday Mar 13th, 2019

From setting up photography labs in Scotland to raising chickens at her homestead farm, Laura Bell has accumulated a multitude of skills and experiences that led her directly into Werkbot.

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