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Our core competencies

Search Engine Optimization

We are here to help you

Get to the top

Search engine optimization (SEO) is what helps get your business listed toward the top of search engine results when consumers search for related products or services. Our goal is to work with you to help your website appear at the top of the list.

Years of experience helping businesses

Your business can’t stay relevant in today’s digital world without an online presence. Just having a website or a social media page isn’t enough. A website needs a whole host of elements like good, relevant content, mobile-friendliness, and ways to help people find what they want to know about a business and the services it provides.

We custom tailor SEO around your business objectives, and use software, analytics, and insights to help know where to focus efforts for better results.

Here are the areas of SEO that we focus on

  1. On-page SEO This focuses on the content that's "on the page" and how to optimize that content to help boost the website's ranking for specific keywords.
  2. Technical SEO This focuses on a website's architecture, examining the backend of that website to see how each webpage is "technically" set up. Google cares as much about the code of a website as it does its content, making this speciality quite important to a website's search engine ranking.
  3. Content Creation Ongoing content plays the largest part in generating the information that people are looking for. 
  4. Off-page SEO This focuses on the links that are directing to the website from elsewhere on the internet. The number of "backlinks," and the publishers carrying those links, that link to your website help you build trust in the eyes of a search engine. This causes your website to rank higher as a result.
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