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Bus Dev Associate


Full-service creative agency and marketing-Jedi collective, Werkbot is looking for a Business Development Associate (BDA) who is a strategic thinker, perceptive communicator, and creative problem-solver. As a Werkbot BDA, you’ll spend time discovering our potential clients’ needs, reporting back and spelling those out to our team, and then delivering individualized proposals to those leads.

You’re an honest person. You’re comfortable talking with clients, concise with your communications, and considerate of everyone in and outside of the room. You’re persuasive without being pushy. You set realistic expectations while laying out actionable steps to reach even the longest of shots.

About the position

The BDA is an essential part of our new-business team. If you’re a goal-oriented person looking to develop valuable experience within a fast-paced creative environment, this role will be a fit for you.

This full-time position requires serious dedication. You’ll be responsible for coordinating meetings with new businesses, developing proposals, and maintaining relationships with leads.

You’ll need to prepare for meetings by thoroughly and thoughtfully researching a variety of industries, key competitors, and, of course, the companies at hand. Your job is to translate what a potential client needs into succinct components while also connecting the dots to outline the bigger picture.

What You'll be Doing:

  • Communicate with all parties to understand project scopes and deadlines
  • Coordinate meeting logistics
  • Identify and contact prospective clients using both inbound leads and prospecting strategies
  • Research potential clients and identify key information to prepare for meetings
  • Take notes on calls and meetings
  • Write preliminary proposals and estimates

What skills and experiences will help you succeed:

  • A desire to contribute to a healthy workplace culture
  • A firm grasp on English grammar and syntax
  • An unquenchable thirst for solving problems
  • Basic knowledge of social media, web development, and marketing
  • Stellar in-person communication skills
  • Google Analytics and Google Ads certifications (or the ability to pass within 6 months)
  • One (1) year of professional experience in relevant field
  • The ability to deliver concierge-level customer service 

What you might enjoy about Werkbot:

  • Tech: We’ll get you set up with a laptop or desktop to do your best work.
  • Learning Stipend: We can only grow if you grow. We offer a stipend for courses and training.
  • Health insurance: We take care of our own by offering health insurance for all team members.
  • Salary: We offer competitive salary for the region and we adjust based on your experience.
  • Great Time Off: You need to give yourself a break regularly to stay healthy and productive.
  • Family Leave: If your family grows we offer family leave.
  • Parking: We’ll cover your 24/7 pass to park in a downtown garage next to our office.
  • Werkbot hours are typically 8:30-5:00 Monday - Friday, but we’re not sticklers about the clock.

Where You'll Work

Werkbot is located in the heart of downtown Erie, PA. The city has a rust-belt legacy but is rapidly becoming one of the premier waterfront cities around the Great Lakes. It’s big enough for everything from baseball and hockey teams to a philharmonic and growing brewery scene; but it’s also small enough to buy an affordable home and get anywhere in town in 20 minutes. You'll work in the tallest building in town in a city that offers a great cultural scene.

How to Apply

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