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Business Development Associate


We're looking for a someone who thinks that "business development sounds kind of cool" to join our team. If you're interested in persuasive writing, PR/communications, economic development, budgets, and figuring out "how to make a deal" then we'd love to hear from you. 

If you join us, you'll work with some of the region's best software developers, brand designers, and account managers to create ambitious growth strategies for impressive brands. You'll figure out how to make projects work so that we can deploy new websites, custom enterprise software, and digital marketing strategies. This position reports to the Director of Business Development and is designed for early-career professionals looking for mentorship and a chance to spend a couple years proving what they can do. We’re hiring one person for this role.

About Werkbot

We inspire industry leading businesses in the Manufacturing, Finance, and Healthcare fields to become optimistic about their website, marketing, and brand.

What You'll be Doing:

  • Attending meetings with potential clients, partners, and industry peers
  • Coordinating with the design, development, and account management teams to scope projects
  • Drafting notes, writing estimates, and designing project proposals for your manager to review

What skills and experiences will help you succeed:

  • Most important is to be an active listener; to pay attention and ask probing questions that help you understand
  • The second most important skill is being a good communicator; wow us with your eloquence
  • You'll be drafting quick estimates and longer proposals; the ability to be clear and concise is essential
  • A love of learning will serve you well. We get to learn about the industry of every client
  • A background in philosophy, literature, or other reading and research heavy field may be helpful
  • Excellent time tracking and documentation habits
  • Asking for help; none of us can do it alone, none of us want to
  • We value the depth and quality of your work experience, rather than the quantity. We're specifically looking for an unquantifiable passion, not the "prefect resume"

What you might enjoy about Werkbot:

  • Tech: We’ll get you set up with a laptop or desktop to do your best work.
  • Learning Stipend: We can only grow if you grow. We offer a stipend for courses and training.
  • Health insurance: We take care of our own by offering health insurance for all team members.
  • Salary: We offer competitive salary for the region and we adjust based on your experience.
  • Great Time Off: You need to give yourself a break regularly to stay healthy and productive.
  • Family Leave: If your family grows we offer family leave, and it doesn’t matter when you were hired.
  • Parking: We’ll cover your 24/7 pass to park in a downtown garage next to our office.
  • Werkbot hours are typically 8:30-5:00 Monday - Friday, but we’re not sticklers about the clock.

Where You'll Work

Werkbot is located in the heart of downtown Erie, PA. The city has a rust-belt legacy but is rapidly becoming one of the premier waterfront cities around the Great Lakes. It’s big enough for everything from baseball and hockey teams to a philharmonic and growing brewery scene; but it’s also small enough to buy an affordable home and get anywhere in town in 20 minutes. You'll work in the tallest building in town in a city that offers a great cultural scene.

How to Apply

Email your cover letter and resume to If you would include your LinkedIn and GitHub links, that would be great.

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