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Focus on Content

Content is king.

Bow down to content’s place in your marketing activities. Why? Because it’s the nucleus of every marketing-based keystroke you make. Your website’s design, its architecture, and features are influenced by content. Should your site allow sharing content? Should your social posts and videos (a form of content, by the way) tout certain content areas of your site?

Content is kingMake it easy to find

Think about how you perform web searches now. You want to be delivered appropriate results in the shortest amount of time/clicks/taps, right? We live in a world of instant gratification thanks to search engines readily accessible from any device at any time.

Take the search phrase “hearing diagnostic services erie pa” (My parents are getting old, by the way). Before hitting the search button you would expect to be delivered results that provide you immediate information on different types of hearing services meeting your search criteria, like this:
Content is king

Boom. Google delivers.

I’m provided with landing pages that show the exact content for which I was searching. When building out the “meat” of your site it’s critical to include elements that make your site easily accessible to search engines, allowing you to find what you need as quickly as possible. If I was given a list of results that took me to homepages, I’d breeze past them without a second thought.

It isn’t glamorous

When rolling through the website redesign process, the eye-popping portion would definitely be revealing the new design ideas for the first time. The words and images sitting on inside pages can be a bit lackluster but are nonetheless are quite critical to the operation of the site.

The content phase is where some project’s timelines will hit a speedbump. Roughly two-thirds of our project time is spent working with content in most of our website design projects. The tough part is that you’re the expert in your particular area. We can interpret what you tell us or give us in the form of marketing materials and articles, but you truly know it better than anyone.

Maintain one voice

In many situations I have seen teams of people put together their individually-assigned content topics into one Word document. Each person writes differently than the next and sometimes that really shows through in the final document provided to your web design company for inclusion into the new site.

While it’s great to divide and conquer this portion of the project to knock it out quickly, use one person as the point person to assemble all content, something your web development company can assist with too. Most employ a content writer whose job is to provide a unified voice for the user. Plus, they can optimize content for keywords identified as having higher search volumes.

Find what works for you

In your day-to-day, you already wear many hats. Maybe you’re in charge of payroll, scheduling, marketing, accounting or any number of any other things. A service offered by a digital marketing agency that takes the workload off your shoulders could be a big help. We can take the Interactive Hat off your head, give you the time to focus on your other business activities. For more information, email us to chat through the process.

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