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Thursday Sep 14th, 2023

Your Website is the Hub of the Marketing Wheel


If you've been following our conversations, you know we often discuss the Marketing Wheel — a tool we use to strategically allocate a client's marketing budget. But today, I want to take this concept a step further and delve into an analogy that beautifully illustrates the power of long-term, consistent marketing efforts.

The Roman Chariot changed the world

In 117 A.D., the Roman Empire reached its zenith, stretching from the sun-soaked hills of Italy to the rain-drenched forests of Britain and around the Mediterranean. One of the unsung heroes of this colossal empire was the Roman Chariot, a marvel of engineering for its time. These chariots were not just war machines; they were the backbone of Roman transportation, connecting disparate parts of the empire like never before.

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As these chariots traversed the vast landscapes, they left behind more than just tracks in the mud; they left a legacy. The wheels of these chariots were designed with a specific width, and as they moved, they carved ruts into the ground. These ruts eventually became the basis for Roman roads, which were then meticulously engineered to accommodate the chariots' unique dimensions of 4’ 8.5”.

Over time, these dimensions became a standard. When carriages and wagons came into the picture, they too adopted the same wheel width to fit into the existing ruts. Fast forward to the age of steam engines and locomotives, and you'll find that the same wheel width was used as the standard rail gauge in Europe and much of the Western world. The Roman Chariot had set a standard that endured through centuries, influencing the course of technology and transportation.

The Hub of Your Marketing Wheel

Just as the Roman Chariot was the hub that connected the vast Roman Empire, your website serves as the hub of your marketing efforts. In the digital age, your website is the central point where all your marketing channels converge. Whether it's social media, email marketing, SEO, or print advertising, each channel is like a spoke on a wheel, and your website is the hub that holds them all together.

However, a hub is ineffective without its spokes. A chariot wouldn't move an inch without the wheels, and similarly, your website alone can't drive your business forward. It needs the support of various marketing tactics—the spokes—to move the wheel.

The Spokes That Move the Wheel

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Like the sturdy wooden spokes of a Roman chariot, SEO provides the structural integrity to your marketing wheel. It ensures that your website is easily discoverable and ranks well on search engines.

  2. Social Media: Think of social media as the nimble spokes that add agility to your wheel. They allow you to engage with your audience in real-time and provide a human touch to your brand.

  3. Email Marketing: This is the spoke that keeps you connected with your audience, sending them regular updates and offers, much like the messengers in the Roman times who would travel on chariots to deliver messages.

  4. Print Advertising: Even in a digital age, print holds its own. Like the iron rim that adds durability to a wooden wheel, print advertising gives your marketing strategy a lasting impact.

  5. Branding: This is the aesthetic of your wheel. Just as a chariot would be adorned with intricate designs, your branding makes your marketing efforts recognizable and memorable.

  6. Paid Search (Google, Bing, etc.): Consider this the turbocharged spoke in your wheel. Paid search allows you to quickly gain visibility and drive targeted traffic to your website, much like how a chariot would speed through the Roman roads to deliver urgent messages.

  7. Content Marketing: This spoke adds depth and substance to your wheel. Through valuable content, you educate your audience and build trust, similar to how Roman chariots were trusted to carry valuable cargo across the empire.

  8. Website Accessibility: Inclusivity is key. This spoke ensures that your website is accessible to all, mirroring how Roman roads were designed for everyone, from emperors to commoners.

At Werkbot we understand that by investing in these different spokes, you're not just moving your business forward; you're setting a standard, much like the Roman Chariots did. Your website, when complemented by a well-rounded marketing strategy, becomes more than just a hub; it becomes the legacy that drives your business into the future.