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Friday Jun 16th, 2023

Satisfaction Through Expertise and Communication

As a digital agency specializing in e-commerce for manufacturers and service-based businesses, our primary role is helping clients solve business challenges, such as increasing sales, ranking well in organic search results pages, and generating high-quality leads. A solid understanding of client objectives from the beginning allows us to prioritize our efforts and create a road map to move forward.

So, how do we ensure that clients remain engaged and informed throughout the process? Whether we’re developing a new website or creating a digital marketing campaign, our client success methodology centers around frequent communication with the key individuals and decision-makers.

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Consistent communication

The top feedback we hear from clients that leave other vendors is poor communication. After years of hearing this, we doubled down on how to approach this with our client partners.

We schedule weekly meetings for website projects and bi-weekly/monthly meetings for ongoing marketing campaigns. These meetings always take place on the same day and time, and include a consistent agenda. During these sessions, we discuss project updates/issues and set expectations for the coming week. Perhaps the most important thing we do is have an ongoing, evolving agenda that updates each meeting with the latest notes and information always available.

Engaging the right people

From the beginning, we ensure the appropriate decision-makers and stakeholders are involved and informed. If they aren’t able to attend meetings, we will send meeting notes directly to them to keep them in the loop. Making sure the decision makers are always informed will provide them with the reassurance that they are moving forward and in the right direction.

Effective management structure

Each client account team includes three people, structured in a 60/30/10 ratio. The account manager serves as the main point of contact - 60%, with a secondary person (typically a project manager, designer, or developer) in a supportive role based on the project's nature - 30%. The remaining 10% involves an account strategist learning and growing or a company leader participating in high-level discussions. This structure ensures that even if one team member is unavailable, meetings can proceed and progress can continue.

Transparent project management & collaboration

Scheduled meetings are essential, but clients also appreciate the freedom to reach out at any time. We use TeamWork for project management and time tracking, granting clients access to projects, tickets and progress charts. Email, phone, or messaging platforms like Slack facilitate seamless communication.

An example of our methodology

For the past several years, we have worked with Flexcut Tools, a leading e-commerce manufacturer specializing in high-quality woodworking tools for hobbyists and artists. Collaborating closely with their team, we hold weekly meetings to discuss website and marketing initiatives, and quarterly meetings to discuss ad performance and analytics. This consistent communication ensures Flexcut stays informed and satisfied with our progress, enabling them to focus on delivering exceptional products to their customers.

Good client relations is good for business

By implementing this client success methodology, we not only demonstrate our expertise in web design, development, and marketing, but we also prioritize consistent communication to keep our clients engaged and satisfied throughout their journey with us.