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Friday Jan 28th, 2022

This Year's Digital Resolutions

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There's an old adage: “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago; don’t you want to look back and know you planted that tree and can reap the benefits in the present? “ We use that often when consulting with clients about strategy. The longer you wait on things, the further you kick the proverbial can down the road.

All businesses have goals, and each department within that business has more specialized goals to help drive momentum forward. Listening to our clients, we often hear of the same objectives and struggles across industries both parallel and perpendicular to each other. What are some of these struggles, and what to do about them?

Increase leads

Many businesses are seeing increased competition and a tightening market. Just speaking with colleagues or reading through Reddit’s small business forum, you see many are struggling. One way to increase your leads would be to review and adjust your digital ad spend.

Are you getting the right leads to your site?

When we are looking for a product or service, where do we go? Yep, your favorite search engine. Organic SEO is a good long-term strategy, but when things are slow or there is not much on the horizon Paid Search comes into play. Can you increase your budget and target different markets? Are other competitors increasing budgets?

Keep up with your social media presence 

With all of the noise going on, how do you provide value to your clients? We typically will steer clients away from posting nonsense just to have content. Who is your ideal customer, what is their persona, and how does your social media activity play into your overall marketing strategy?

Following up with old contacts

While you have your marketing churning in the background, keep a keen eye on your CRM. Old contacts and old business leads should already be somewhat familiar with you and should be an easier sell than to find someone new. 


Your current clients also act as great referrals. We will often ask our clients: Do you know anyone in your industry or network that could benefit from our services? Many of them are happy to share information or contacts of other companies who need our help. 

Get back to Networking

Networking has taken a backseat in the past years, but the move to digital conferences and meetings has opened up new opportunities for people to connect.

One way we’ve seen businesses find networking opportunities is to have a member of the marketing team join a co-working space. Co-working is a way to build up a professional network with businesses both large and small.

Reach Out to An Expert

There are times when expanding your team is the right move, and when you’re too busy to juggle your digital marketing in-house it can be smart to hire an expert who can help you decide where to invest your marketing efforts. Hiring a digital marketing agency is a great way to save on employee expenses while still growing your reach and your brand. Werkbot can be your dedicated marketing team and your strategy partner, helping you navigate the digital marketing ecosystem and taking on some of the necessary but time-consuming work of managing an online presence. As experts in the fields of branding, content, SEO, SEM, and social media, Werkbot can offer the perfect solution that lets you plant your tree right now and focus on your long-term objectives. Investing in digital marketing in 2022 is the best way to see rewards in the future.