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Wednesday Jun 15th, 2022

Objective Perspective: Why You Should Hire an Outside Marketing Agency

When you’re deeply invested in your work, it can be challenging to step back and see the whole picture. Moreover, when ideas, systems, and processes are constantly being recycled among the same people, gaining new ground can prove difficult. To avoid stagnation and improve communication, you might need to seek an outside perspective.

Whether your business is booming and you’re looking for new growth opportunities, or you need a fresh set of eyes as you plan a rebrand, you’ll want to consider hiring an out-of-house marketing agency. In this post, Werkbot, a leading web development and marketing company, explores the benefits of utilizing outside agencies to help reach your goals and continue growing your business.

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Gain an Objective Perspective

Few businesses see growth from operating within the status quo. When your social media posts aren’t cutting it, blog posts aren’t increasing traffic, and search engine optimization strategy hasn’t improved your search ranking, it’s time to try a new approach. Yet, even when many corporate leaders know it’s time to shake it up, they often double down on the same marketing strategy.

As Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” This sentiment rings true with many businesses’ digital marketing campaigns. Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of working with an outside agency is simply gaining a fresh perspective.

Whether they add on new marketing channels such as newsletters and text messages or optimize your site and take new product photography, they aim to deliver results and make you a satisfied client. Those new ideas will also likely spark new creative ideas for your team.

Keep in mind: hiring an outside marketing team doesn’t mean you can’t have an in-house team. In fact, at Werkbot, we regularly collaborate with marketing teams to add additional support. Therefore, whether you have no marketing team or a fully staffed promotional department, we can tailor our services to your precise needs. 

Improve Communication

Effective communication is a critical component of a thriving workplace. Creating an open dialogue between all employees, regardless of status, is crucial for ensuring the skills and opportunities available to you are utilized to their fullest potential.

While it’s natural for a manager to give an employee a directive, the opposite isn’t always true. And, when an employee poses questions and challenges decisions based on their skills and experience, it isn’t guaranteed that the feedback will be well received. However, an out-of-house agency isn’t likely to be preoccupied with hurting feelings. They’re employed to get the job done well, regardless of who they work with.

When you hire an outside marketing agency, you’re hiring an expert in the field who can provide quality insight at every turn. What’s more, you’re removing barriers and boundaries that exist between people who work side-by-side day in and day out, lessening the chances that interpersonal relationships will dictate processes and outcomes.

Use Industry Specialists

When it comes to marketing, many decision-makers in small and medium-sized businesses vacillate between hiring an in-house marketing person or contracting an out-of-house agency. While there are certainly benefits of having someone in-house, they’ll likely specialize in one area of marketing. 

On the flip side, when you hire an out-of-house marketing agency, you have the massive perk of tapping into a team’s worth of experience. This advantage is important, as it’s unlikely you’ll find a jack of all trades who masters a ton.

You can, of course, train someone to have a working knowledge of a wide range of marketing tools, but it’s vital to remember that heavy workload and “job scope” discrepancies are primary sources of employee burnout. Further, frequent task switching is a major burden on productivity.

Tap into Better Tech Solutions

You can only dedicate time to so many tasks throughout the day, and keeping tabs on the latest technology is rarely one of them. However, with a dedicated outside marketing agency, they’ll be able to integrate better, more affordable, and more streamlined solutions to make your job easier.

Furthermore, because they likely have many clients, third-party firms likely have a range of software and software as a service (SaaS) options you can utilize. Adding these resources to your marketing team’s existing technology solutions can save you a significant amount of money.

For example, let’s say you want to work on search engine optimization (SEO) and want better reporting. In that case, you’ll likely stumble across two of the most popular options in that sector: Moz and SEMRush. Either way you cut it, you’re looking at around $100 a month to monitor your site. Whereas with a marketing agency that works on SEO, they’ll do the work and have the right tools for the job.

Save On Labor Costs

There are many reasons why a company might hire an internal marketing manager. From brand loyalty and constant communication to building your networks and growing your reach, a new hire can undoubtedly help you achieve your goals. However, quality labor doesn’t always come cheap, and you might wind up spending more than you need to.

Hiring an out-of-house marketing firm can help ensure that all billable hours are productive. Agencies that utilize both hourly and project rates work to complete jobs and tasks quickly and efficiently, helping keep your costs down and their books open to new business. When you hire an outside firm, you won’t be wasting hours on unproductive time.

In addition to saving on payroll, you won’t need to account for the third-party’s benefits, training hours, or other onboarding and recurring costs. Likely, the agency you bring on board will come prepared to dive in from day one, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the business.

Hire Best-in-Class Help

Growing your team by hiring new employees is essential. However, having them wear the many hats of marketing can increase the rate of employee burnout. Plus, no one person is an expert in every aspect of building a brand.

To ensure there is a solution for everyone, Werkbot offers a suite of al la carte services known as Interactive Hat. From content strategy to website administration, we’re here to help you exceed your business growth goals. If you’re ready to see what an out-of-house firm can do for you, reach out to Werkbot today.