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Werkbot shares your values

Those who adapt, survive

We've stayed true to our values since day one, yet our skill sets evolve every day. Creativity and problem-solving remain our core identity while we explore new trends and help our clients prepare for the future. What does your future look like? We'll help you succeed today and over time.

Our Ethos

We inspire industry leading businesses in the Manufacturing, Finance, and Healthcare sectors to become optimistic about their website, marketing, and brand.

We do this by promoting collaboration, trust, and creative thinking internally and externally. Over the years, we’ve discovered that these values help to create a positive environment and promote great teamwork with our clients.

Brian Amick

Creative Director / Co-founder



Our strong team is based on diversity of thinking, a deep sense of respect, and a promise to always help each other out. It's how we keep projects on track while bringing our best ideas to the forefront at all times.



Trust comes with the shared understanding that we are driven by something other than our own personal or business gain. We focus on long-term relationships, both internally and externally, and take time to learn about your business and about you. 

Creative thinking

Creative Thinking

We provide an environment where people want to come to work and have an outlet for creativity. This doesn't take away from hard work, but encourages it to thrive while building the perfect company for each other and the perfect solutions for our clients.

These are the brilliant people who make things happen

Measure twice, cut once

One major difference between us and others is that we have the strategy, design, and development all in-house. This virtue allows us to be more efficient, provide a better process, and take more care in the final product.

We include only a few key members on each project, and you will always know who your point person is.

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